3rd Grade

3rd Grade

3rd Grade Lesson Plans

September: Welcome Back

Meet your school counselor 

October: Emotions and Empathy:

Feelings Lesson:  Updated Thermometer lesson plan.odt

  • Circle time.  Talk about what a thermometer is and what it measures.  We all have our own emotional thermometer.  Expressing and understanding feelings is an important tool for resolving conflicts

  • Talk about using more descriptive words to describe how we are feeling

  • Emotional thermometer key messages: 

    • We feel emotions more or less strongly at different times.  For example, it is possible to feel intensely angry or furious, or just a little angry or annoyed.

    • You can use the thermometer to show different strengths of emotion.  If you felt intensely angry you might rate the feeling a 9 or 10.  If you felt just a little angry/annoyed, you may rate a 2 or 3

    • There are not right or wrong answers when using the thermometer, it's just how you feel

    • People can have different emotions for the same event

 Introduction to Empathy

November: Conflict Resolution/Bullying

Kelso’s Choices

Bystander Lesson

December: Kindness and Gratitude

Teasing vs. Bullying Lesson

January:  Mindfulness/Anxiety and Worry

Mindfulness Lesson Plan #1

February: Self Esteem/Resilience

Self Esteem Lesson

Self Love/Self Bullying lesson

March: Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset Lesson

April: Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset continued

May: Transition

Transition Lesson Plan