4th Grade

4th Grade

4th Grade Lesson Plans

September: Welcome Back

Meet your school counselor 

  • Trivia game with cup knockover!

October: Emotions and Empathy

Feelings Lesson

 Empathy Lesson

November: Conflict Resolution/Bullying

 “I Messages”

Accepting Differences Lesson

  • Under “My docs”, up/down exercise

December: Kindness and Gratitude

Kindness Boomerang Lesson


 Compliments Lesson Plan

January:  Mindfulness

February: Self Esteem

Mindfulness Lesson #2

Self Love/Self Bullying lesson

March: Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset Lesson

“What do you do with a Problem?” book and activity

Resilience video: https://www.gozen.com/go/gostrengths/module4/4-1/

April: Resilience

Growth Mindset Lesson

May: Anxiety and Transition

Understanding and Managing anxiety

Transition Lesson Plan