5th Grade

5th Grade

5th Grade Lesson Plans

September: Welcome Back

Meet your school counselor 

  • Trivia game with cup knock over!

October: Emotions and Empathy

Feelings Lesson

 Empathy Lesson

November: Conflict Resolution/Bullying

Eyes of a refugee empathy lesson (in my docs under 5th grade)

Gossiping Lesson Plan

December: Kindness and Gratitude

Compliments lesson plan

January:  Mindfulness

Mindfulness Lesson

Mindfulness Lesson #2

February: Self Esteem

Self Love/Self Bullying lesson

March: Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset Lesson

  • “What do you do with an idea?” book and activity
  • Break into groups.  Have groups come up with great ideas for a restaurant (location, menu, staffing, etc).  Then come up with bad ideas.  Read some good ideas aloud to the class.  Then read one bad idea aloud.  Re-distribute one bad idea to each group and have them turn this bad idea into a good restaurant concept.

April: Honesty

Growth Mindset Lesson

May: Career

Transition Lesson Plan

  • “How to succeed” in middle school lesson