6th Grade Lesson Plans

September: Welcome Back

Meet your school counselor 

  • Trivia game with cup knock over!

October: Emotions and Empathy

Feelings Lesson

 Empathy vs Sympathy Lesson 

1) Think about what the other person is feeling. How would you feel in that situation?

 2) Think about what that other person/needs wants. What would you need or want from others in that situation?  How do we connect with others?

  • Brene Brown Empathy vs Sympathy video

  • Talk about perspective taking:  Show images.  Who sees what?  If you look more closely, might you see something that wasn't there before?

  • Sit all students in a circle.  Call student up to the front and have them  sit up high on a desk and have them model a non-empathetic response by not going "down the ladder with them".  Then have them demonstrate an empathetic response by getting off the desk and going down with them. Practice using the 2 parts of empathy (from above)

  • Empathy scenarios: Best empathy scenarios.odt

November: Conflict Resolution/Bullying/accepting differences

Eyes of a refugee empathy lesson (in my docs under 5th grade)

Gossiping Lesson Plan

December: Kindness and Gratitude

Compliments lesson plan

January:  Mindfulness

Mindfulness Lesson

Mindfulness Lesson #2

February: Self Esteem

Self Love/Self Bullying lesson

March: Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset Lesson

  • “What do you do with an idea?” book and activity
  • Break into groups.  Have groups come up with great ideas for a restaurant (location, menu, staffing, etc).  Then come up with bad ideas.  Read some good ideas aloud to the class.  Then read one bad idea aloud.  Re-distribute one bad idea to each group and have them turn this bad idea into a good restaurant concept.

April: Honesty

Growth Mindset Lesson

May: Career

Transition Lesson Plan

  • “How to succeed” in middle school lesson

If you really knew me Lesson Plan