Kindergarten Lesson Plans

September:  Welcome Back/Mindful Minute review

Meet your school counselor 

October: Emotions and Empathy

 Introduction to feelings

 Personal space

  • Personal space lesson plan in my documents

Show Video “Personal Space Dogs”! 

November: Conflict Resolution/Bullying

Tattle Tongue

  • Read the book

  • All documents in folder

  Intro to Kelso’s Choices

December: Responsibility

Interrupting and blurting out

  • My mouth is a volcano (Read book, do activities under “interrupting” folder

  • Decibella (Read book and do activities)

January: Personal Safety/Mindfulness

Personal Safety 

  • Read “Your Body Belongs to You” and do activity

Mindfulness: When we notice what is happening in our bodies, our minds may momentarily ‘empty’ of repetitive, intrusive thoughts, only to fill up again with an awareness of physical sensations, sights, sounds, smells and tastes.

  • Introduce mindfulness.To give the present moment our full attention. No Time traveling. Noticing our breath
  • Watch the video:
  • Read: I Am Peace A Book of Mindfulness. By Susan Verde
  • Do the "Choose your breathing anchor" activity from Mindful Games Activity Cards.

February: Self Esteem


  • Read “It’s Okay to be Different” and do activity in “Self esteem” folder

  • Or read “Odd Velvet” and activity

Bucket Filling

  • Read book and then coloring page in My Documents

March:  Friendship

Making Friends 

April: Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

May: Careers