Kindergarten Lesson Plans

September:  Welcome Back/Mindful Minute review

Meet your school counselor 

October: Emotions and Empathy

 Introduction to feelings

 Personal space

Show Video “Personal Space Dogs”! 

November: Conflict Resolution/Bullying

Tattle Tongue

  • Read the book

  • All documents in folder

  Intro to Kelso’s Choices

December: Responsibility

Interrupting and blurting out

  • My mouth is a volcano (Read book, do activities under “interrupting” folder

  • Decibella (Read book and do activities)

January: Personal Safety/Mindfulness

Personal Safety 

  • Read “Your Body Belongs to You” and do activity


  • Introduce mindfulness. What is a mindful body? Being still and calm.  A quiet body.  Stand up exercise. Mirror activity, finger activity...I AM PEACEFUL. To give the present moment our full attention. No Time traveling. Noticing our breath
  • Watch the video:
  • Read: I Am Peace A Book of Mindfulness. By Susan Verde I am peace read aloud
  • Do the "Choose your breathing anchor" activity from Mindful Games Activity Cards.

February: Self Esteem


  • Read “It’s Okay to be Different” and do activity in “Self esteem” folder

  • Or read “Odd Velvet” and activity

Bucket Filling

  • Read book and then coloring page in My Documents

March:  Friendship

Making Friends 

April: Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

May: Careers