Counseling Referrals

Counseling Referrals

Spokane Counselors/Therapists

 Spokane Mental Health                       

  •  107 S. Division                                                      

  •  (Urgent care 838-4651- help available 24 hrs.)

  •  Children and family services; counseling and emergency mental health care for children, youth and adults.

W.I.S.E Wrap Around with Intensive Services

WISe is for children ages 0-20 with complex needs such as involvement in several systems (i.e., mental health, special ed., legal systems) or transitioning from institutional care. For children, youth and their families, your WISe team manager will utilize a wraparound approach to coordinating services. Services are family driven and youth guided.

Passages Family Support Services.

Passages offers families and peers the wisdom and support that comes from lived experience and transforms desperation into shared hope. Passages Family Support encourages youth, adults and families dealing with mental health needs to learn from one another’s successes. Our peer specialists are trained in assisting clients with developing these evidence-based recovery plans for children, youth, and adults.                                                                                       

Partners with Families and Children 

Partners with Families & Children prevents, interrupts and repairs cycles of abuse and neglect within families.

Catholic Family Services

  •  1032 W. Riverside 

  •  358-4267

  •  Individual, couples, family, and child counseling.

Family Services of Spokane                   

  •  7 S. Howard Suite 321                                         

  •  838-4128                                                                  

  •  Family, marital, and child counseling; chronically ill, mentally handicapped, epilepsy program, group therapy, step-parenting.

Lutheran Social Services 

  •  7 S. Howard Suite 200 

  •  747-8224 

  •  Help available 24 hrs, Rape Crisis Network, adoption and pregnancy counseling, housing connection, child abuse prevention; child and family counseling.

Children’s Home Society 

  •  4315 S. Scott

  •  747-4174

  •  Family & child counseling, Family Advocacy Program, Relatives Raising Relatives program, some in-home services.

Native Project 

  •  1803 W. Maxwell

  •  325-5502 

  •  Counseling for families of Native American decent.

Al-Anon Family Groups

  •  1614 W. Riverside

  •  456-2125 (free)

  •  Family support for alcoholic family members.

 Marycliff Institute

  •  807 W. 7th 

  •  455-7654 

  •  Family, individual and group counseling working with issues of attachment.

Center for Children & Families

Whitworth Marriage & Family Therapy Center

The Marriage & Family Therapy Center is a community-based mental health center and training site in Spokane, Wash. Therapy services are provided by advanced graduate students in Whitworth University's Marriage & Family Therapy Program, under the supervision of experienced faculty practitioners. The center allows graduate student therapists to gain practical experience in caring for clients in a supportive learning environment and provides community members with affordable mental health services. The center treats all types of clients including individuals, couples and families, from a relational perspective, as relationship systems are vital for mental health.

The following are important service elements that are offered to those seeking therapy solutions:

  •  Family

  •  Parenting

  •  Depression

  •  Anxiety

  •  Divorce

  •  Trauma

  •  Communication

  •  Anger Management

  •  Sex and Sexuality

  •  Grief and Loss

  •  Couples/Marital Issues

  •  Premarital Counseling


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Monday-Thursday, 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

Sessions are 50 minutes long, at a flat fee of $25

825 W. Hawthorne Road
Spokane, WA 99251