Weekly Kindness Winner

Weekly Kindness Winner

Have you seen an act of kindness?

Recognize their kindness and compassion

in 4 easy steps!!


  1.  Grab a blank “hand” from your teacher or the bucket outside my office

  2.  Put their name on it (and your name!)

  3.  Describe the kind act

  4.  Give the “hand” to your teacher or put it in the bucket!

One “hand” will be drawn from this bucket every Thursday.

Prizes from “The Pizza Factory”

2017/18 weekly winners

Rhianna nominated Alicia (5th)

Eli nominated Cody Martin (3rd)

Ms. Toelken nominated McKenna Brooks (4th)

Amelia nominated Ellie Foose (2nd)

Abigail nominated Lake (1st)