Growth Mindset Videos

Growth Mindset Videos

Carol Dweck Ted Talk:

You can learn anything:

Growth Mindset Video:

Growth Mindset:Tortoise and the Hare:

How the brain works:

                                           CLASS DOJO
Growth Mindset

Class Dojo Mindset, Ep 1: Is your brain like a muscle?:
Class Dojo Mindset, Ep 2: The Magic of Mistakes:
Class Dojo Mindset, Ep3. The incredible power of yet:
Class Dojo Mindset, Ep 4.  The mysterious world of Neurons:
Class Dojo Mindset, Ep 5. Mojo puts it all together:

Class Dojo Perseverance Ep 1.
Class Dojo Perseverance Ep 2.
Class Dojo Perseverance Ep 3.

Class Dojo Empathy Ep 1.
Class Dojo Empathy Ep 2.
Class Dojo Empathy Ep 3.