Once or twice per year, I offer a divorce support group called "The Banana Splits."  Scroll to the bottom of this page for some examples of the activities that I do within that group!

Helpful Websites

Divorce is tough for everyone involved, including kids. Find out more in this article.

Divorce resource for parents, professionals and children addressing questions asked about divorce by parents, doctors, nurses, teachers, Psychologists, and social workers.

Useful Books

For Parents:

The Truth About Children and Divorce: Dealing with the Emotions So You and Your Children Can Thrive

By: Robert Emery

ISBN-10: 0452287162

 Nationally recognized expert Robert Emery applies his twenty-five years of experience as a researcher, therapist, and mediator to offer parents a new road map to divorce. Dr. Emery shows how our powerful emotions and the way we handle them shape how we divorce—and whether our children suffer or thrive in the long run. His message is hopeful, yet realistic—divorce is invariably painful, but parents can help promote their children’s resilience. With compassion and authority, Dr. Emery explains:

• Why it is so hard to really make divorce work
• How anger and fighting can keep people from really separating
• Why legal matters should be one of the last tasks
• Why parental love—and limit setting—can be the best “therapy” for kids
• How to talk to children, create workable parenting schedules, and more

The Co-Parents' Handbook: Raising Well-Adjusted, Resilient, and Resourceful Kids in a Two-Home Family from Little Ones to Young Adults

  By: Karen Bonnell and Kristen Little

  ISBN-10: 1495345866

 When it comes to a child's sense of family, what divorce breaks apart, solid co-parenting rebuilds.
With a tested "here's how" approach, The Co-Parents' Handbook helps parents confidently take on the challenges of raising children in two homes. Addressing parents' questions about the emotional impact of separation, conflict, grief and recovery, the authors skillfully provide a road map for all members of the family to safely navigate through separation/divorce and beyond. Parents discover through practical guidance how to move from angry/hurt partners to constructive, successful co-parents. The pages are chock-full of helpful strategies to resolve day-to-day issues in an easy-to use format. This book is here to answer questions, help parents co-parent and ensure kids thrive!

Divorce Busting: A Step-by-Step Approach to Making Your Marriage Loving Again

By: Michele Weiner-Davis

ISBN-10: 0671797255

In this ground-breaking book, Michele Weiner-Davis gives straightforward, effective advice on how couples can stay together instead of come apart.
Using case histories to illustrate her marriage-enriching, divorce-preventing techniques, which can be used even if only one partner participates, Weiner-Davis shows readers:
* How to leave the past behind and set attainable goals
* Strategies for identifying problem-solving behavior that works -- and how to make changes last
* "Uncommon-sense" methods for breaking unproductive patterns
Inspirational and accessible, Divorce Busting shows readers in pain that working it out is better than getting out.

Putting Children First: Proven Parenting Strategies for Helping Children Thrive Through Divorce

By: JoAnne Pedro-Carroll

ISBN-10: 1583334017

An internationally renowned authority on children and divorce reveals the latest research-based strategies for helping children survive and thrive before, during, and long after their parents divorce. 

Divorce Poison New and Updated Edition: How to Protect Your Family from Bad-mouthing and Brainwashing

By: Dr. Richard A. Warshak

ISBN-10: 0061863262

DIVORCE POISON is a time-tested work that gives parents powerful strategies to preserve and rebuild loving relationships with their children-and provides practical advice from legal and mental-health professionals to help their clients and safeguard the welfare of children. Whether they are perpetrators of divorce poison, victims of it, or both, parents who heed Dr. Warshak's advice will enable their children to maintain love and respect for their parents-even if their parents no longer love and respect each other.

For Kids:

Two Homes

By: Claire Masurel

ISBN-10: 0763619841

This gently reassuring text focuses on what is gained rather than what is lost when parents divorce, while the sensitive illustrations, depicting two unique homes in all their small details, firmly establish Alex’s place in both of them. TWO HOMES will help children - and parents - embrace even the most difficult of changes with an open and optimistic heart.

Dinosaurs Divorce (A Guide for Changing Families)

By: Marc Brown and Laura Krasny Brown

ISBN-10: 0316109967

Dinosaurs Divorce Will Help you Understand: * Divorce Words and What They Mean * Why Parents Divorce * What About You? * After the Divorce * Living with One Parent * Visiting Your Parent * Having Two Homes * Celebrating Holidays and Special Occasions * Telling Your Friends * Meeting Parents' New Friends * Living with Stepparents * Having Stepsisters and Stepbrothers.

Smart Girl's Guide to Her Parents' Divorce

By: Nancy Holyoke

ISBN-10: 1593694881

Intended for girls in grade 3–5. Short chapters illustrated with bright cartoon drawings cover many important concerns and offer explanations of the divorce process. Topics range from how to deal with negative emotions, family changes, and new living arrangements, to tougher issues such as violence and financial troubles. The text has a compassionate tone, and sprinkled throughout are answers to questions that readers might have as well as snippets of advice from girls who have found what works for them. A few write-in quizzes are included. This book promises to be a helpful guide.

What in the World Do You Do When Your Parents Divorce? A Survival Guide for Kids

By: Kent Winchester and Roberta Beyer

ISBN-10: 1575420929

This companion to Speaking of Divorce is for kids ages 7–12. In a simple question-and-answer format, the book gently explains what divorce is, why parents decide to divorce, new living arrangements, how to handle feelings, and other basics to help children understand what's happening in their lives.

With honesty and simplicity, the authors help children realize that divorce isn't their fault, strong emotions are okay, and families can survive difficult changes. Written to and for kids, this book is also recommended for parents, educators, counselors, and youth workers.

Good-Bye, Daddy!

By: Brigette Weninger and Alan Marks

ISBN-10: 1558583831

Pre-School-Grade 2. A calming and reassuring story about divorce. Crying and upset that his father and mother no longer live together, Tom lies in bed holding his teddy bear for comfort. The toy suddenly whispers in his ear that he has a story to tell him, and relates how a small bear who was in a similar situation came to realize that fussing and acting up weren't helping matters. Marks supplies soft, watercolor paintings that fill the pages opposite text. A sensitive story about separation and divorce.